Honeybees are one of God's most amazing creations! The keeping and studying of honeybees is very addictive so be careful! Honeybees are important pollinators of many native flowering plants. If you would like to help your garden and neighborhood consider keeping a couple of colonies. As honeybees gather pollen and nectar they pollinate nearby crops, fields and gardens.

Nevada Backyard Beekeeping is fun and rewarding

Not only do honeybees provide pollination and enjoyment an established honeybee colony can produce excess honey, sometimes 50lbs or more! as well as beeswax, bee pollen and propolis! More on Become a Beekeeper

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Visit our online store! Here you will find great tasting local honey, bee pollen, beeswax and candles for sale.

We also have a great selection of beekeeoping supplies. We carry a full line of protective clothing, beekeeping hats, veils,beekeeper suits, jackets and gloves. You will also find complete beehives, beekeeper starter kits and tools and accessories.

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We host an Azure Standard Drop Location here in Carson City, Nevada.

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NRS 585.355  Use of “honey” in product label or designation restricted; “honey” defined.  A person shall not prepare, package, deliver for shipment, ship, transport or sell:

      1.  Any food product which is labeled or designated by the term “honey” alone if such food product consists partly or entirely of ingredients other than honey.

      2.  Any food product, except a honeydew melon, designated by any combination of words which include the word “honey” in the label or brand name unless such food product contains honey as an ingredient and the other ingredients are disclosed.

Ê As used in this section, “honey” means the natural product of honeybees, drawn from the nectar of flowers, transformed by the bees and stored in a honeycomb and later marketed in the honeycomb or taken from it and marketed in a liquid, candied or granulated condition.

      (Added to NRS by 1975, 813)

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