Honeybee collecting pollen


When honeybee foragers visit flowers, they collect pollen grains in their pollen baskets located on their back legs. Once arriving at the colony, they unload the pollen grains into cells in the brood chamber, mix with small amounts of honey and water as a preservative to form what is know as bee bread. Honeybees use the bee bread as a food source.

Fresh Bee Pollen - HalleluYah Honey - LSBEES

Halleluyah Honey - LSBEES uses special pollen traps which gently collect some of the pollen from the honeybees' back legs (pollen sacs) as they crawl through a series of screens. The pollen drops off and is collected in a screened container in the trap.


Spoonful of Fresh Bee Pollen from HalleluYah Honey - LSBEES