This service is designed to allow you to keep bees without you actually having to work the bees however you are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

What you can expect:

We will deliver to you a healthy beehive.  Then I will suit you up in a extra bee suit and give you your own personal lesson on honeybees.  I will then return as needed throughout the season to maintain the beehive. I maintain the bees without the use of harmful chemicals but will implement supplementary feedings and soft treatments as required.  

Although first year colonies rarely produce surplus honey it is possible to get honey from your hive the first year.   The bees come first and I never remove more honey than is safe to do so. If your bees do not produce a surplus honey crop I will provide you with 12lbs of raw unprocessed honey. On a normal year with decent weather and forage you can expect to get 20 – 45lbs of honey and possibly more. What is sweeter than pure raw local honey from your own yard?

Lessons are also given for those in need of hands on knowledge.  Extra bee suits provided.

The basic cost for one hive AND one year of maintenance  is $Call$ depending on location, succeeding years are discounted.  The more hives you want the cheaper it is and with high gas prices and them being on the rise this is really a great deal.

Please call for details and questions.