With the onset of CCD nearly everyone realizes the importance of the honeybee. Honeybees are vital to us not because they provide honey but because they pollinate many agricultural crops. It's estimated that honeybees are responsible for 1/3 of all the food we eat.

There are serious threats to the honeybee in the shape of viruses, mites and pesticides.  Much more research is needed to discover why the bee population is dwindling and the cause of CCD.

But what can YOU do? We have three options to help you help the bees.

Sponsor a Colony

Not everyone has the desire, space or time to keep honeybees themselves but you can "Sponsor a  Colony" and start a new honeybee colony in one of our established apiaries. More on Sponsor a Colony

Host a Hive

If you would like a closer experience and are able to keep one or more honeybee colonies on your property you may prefer hosting. "Hive Hosting" allows you benefits of keeping bees without the worries of management.  More on Host a Hive

Become a Beekeeper

Do you have a desire to become a beekeeper? produce your own honey or products made with beeswax? We can help you to "Become a Beekeeper".   Complete Starter Kit $** - Complete Starter Kit with Bees $**
**Order before February 14th 2014

More on Become a Beekeeper