• Swarming is the natural process of colony reproduction.
  • The queen bee will leave the colony with a large group of worker bees, usually 50%-60% of  the colony.
  • A swarm will usually gather in a tree or on a bush in the vicinity of the original colony to rest and send scouts out to look for a new home.
  • The bees will cluster around the queen until the scouts have found a suitable home.
  • Swarms in our area tend to take place between April & June.
  • Bees in a hanging swarm tend to be non aggressive as they do not have a hive to defend, however always treat swarms with caution.
  • A swarm usually relocates to a permanent spot within 24 hours.


If you see a honeybee swarm in or around Carson City, Nevada call us right away!!

We pick up swarms as far south as Gardnerville Nevada and as far north as Washoe Valley Nevada

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If your outside of Northern Nevada and your in need a beekeeper to remove a swarm of honeybees please see the National Honeybee Swarm Removal Directory.