Please read carefully
We are local Nevada beekeepers and we provide honeybee swarm removal and relocation services in the Carson City, Nevada and surrounding areas. We do not kill honeybees, we relocate them to a more suitable area.

What dioes  a honey bee swarm look like? See picture below.

A honeybee swarm is when the honeybees settle on or outside of a structure in a clump usually the size of a football or larger (see pictures). 

If you see a honeybee swarm in or around Carson City, Nevada call us right away!!

We pick up swarms as far south as Gardnerville Nevada and as far north as Washoe Valley Nevada

(775) 267-1451 (Office) (775) 297-5556 (Mobile)


If your outside of Northern Nevada and your in need a beekeeper to remove a swarm of honeybees please see the National Honeybee Swarm Removal Directory.



Honeybee Swarm in Tree

If you have honeybees inside your house, walls, soffit or other structure then that is not a honeybee swarm that may be an established honeybee colony. In that case please see  Established Colony Removal

When honeybees swarm they generally form a cluster on an object like a bush or tree branch. Please look at the Honeybee Swarm Slideshow if you do not see a large clump of honeybees as depicted here then you are not looking at a honey bee swarm. If you see honeybees flying around going in and out of a crevice or a hole that is probally not a honey bee swarm and more than likely iyou are looking at an established colony. See Established Colony Removal

We will need some basic information from you in order to know what type and size equipment is required to safely remove the bees without causing harm to persons or property. We will not attempt to remove a honeybee swarm that poses danger to either property, persons or ourselves. Are these honey bees? We can only remove honeybees.We are Nevada beekeepers not exterminators. We cannot help you with wasps, yellow jackets or hornets.

Things to know!

  • Is this your property?
  • Where are they?
  • What are they on?
  • How big is the bee swarm?
  • How long have they been there?
  • Will a ladder be needed, if so how tall?

Remember: Do not spray the honey bees. Leave them alone, stay away and contact us.