Welcome to LSBEES the producers of HalleluYah Honey  

We provide 'Pollination Services' , 'Honey Bee Colony Management' and bee removal services such as 'Honeybee Swarm Capture' and 'Live Bee Removal'.

We also sell all raw unfiltered honey, lotions & creams made with pure beeswax and 100% pure beeswax candles. For those of you interested in becoming beekeepers we also provide quality , Woodenware and Starter Kits.

If you would like to help restore the honeybee population consider hosting a honeybee hive. If you cannot host a hive consider sponsoring a honeybee colony.

 Honeybee Swarm in Tree

Learn about the plight of the Honeybee and how the shortage of honeybees is effecting the world and our food supply.  Honeybees are responsible for pollinating nearly 100 crops and are responsible for 1/3 the food that we eat.

Please watch Silence of the Bees on PBS. (full version) or  Silence of the Bees (condensed) on PBS.

Interested in keeping your own honeybees? Look at our Honeybee Starter Kits.