We provide two basic types of honeybee removal services. Honeybee Swarm Removal (Honeybee Swarm Capture) & Established Honeybee Colony Removals (Cut-Out - Trap-Out).

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

What is Swarm Removal? Swarm Removal is where we are called out to retrieve a swarm of honeybees. What is a swarm?

Honeybee Swarm in tree

A honey bee swarm is where a honey bee colony splits or reproduces. What usually happens is the old queen will leave with 50%-60% of the bees and collect on a tree like in the picture above. These bees are merely resting or waiting as the scout's are our looking for a new home for the colony.(see Honey Bee Swarm Removal for more information)

If you see a honeybee swarm in or around Carson City, Nevada call us right away!!

We pick up swarms as far south as Gardnerville Nevada and as far north as Washoe Valley Nevada

(775) 267-1451 (Office) (775) 297-5556 (Mobile)


If your outside of Northern Nevada and your in need a beekeeper to remove a swarm of honeybees please see the National Honeybee Swarm Removal Directory.


Live Bee Removal (Established Colony)

What is "Live Bee Removal" or "Established Colony Removal"? Live Bee Removal or commonly called a Cut-Out is where we are called out to remove an established honeybee colony from a structure. Honeybees may have moved into a cavity in your home or business such as in the walls, floors or ceiling. (see Established Colony Removal for more information)

Removing an established honeybee colony from the soffit